Jahangir Riaz, being elected president of Pakistan Boxing Federation



The Elections of Pakistan Boxing Federation were conducted under the supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan Boxing Federation in a fair and transparent manner and Mr. Jahangir Riaz was elected as President of the Federation for the term from 2021 to 2025.

The other elected office-bearers are Anwaar Ahmad Senior Vice President, Sharjil Zia Butt General Secretary and Ch Muhammad Tariq Treasurer

“I myself is a sportsman and we are already supporting boxers including Amir Khan. I have aim of taking Pakistan boxing to new heights and for this, I have all the available resources, which can help me achieve my set goal

Being a part of corporate sector, it is our responsibility to support the sports of the country and this is the reason why we have stepped ahead to promote boxing, as we have already supporting this game.

My purpose is to promote boxing from grassroots level and for this we have already established boxing academies in Pakistan under the supervision of Boxer Amir Khan and we have plan to establish such boxing academies in every major city of the country so that we may be able to hunt the promising talent and facilittae and polish it in such a way that they may learn dedicatedly and give their best at any given level and win laurels for the country in this particular game.

We have plan to keep our youth engage throughout the year in boxing activities and organise maximum number of Championships at local, provincial and national levels and arrange the best prize money for them, so that besides exhibiting their prowess, they also earn the best to run their kitchens in a proud manner.

We have also plans of conducting boxing leagues, where not only our talented boxers will be seen in action but also the international boxers will be brought to fight with our talented ones. It will not only help our boxers improve their skills and exposure but also get the best financial boost.

We will also take our boxers abroad for their training in international academies under the the best foreign coaches. The better they will learn and improve their skills under such a healthy environment, the better they will perform for their country and win glories for it globally. Not only this, they will also take part in different boxing events abroad and earn the experience as well as money.

Overall, our mission is to present the true and positive image of Pakistan to the entire world through boxing and our talented youth, which is the real ambassador of Pakistan across the globe. We will fully support our youth especially in boxing so that they may give their best and earn the best name and fame for them as well as for their country at any given platform in and outside the country.


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