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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jam Kamal made resignation conditional with no-confidence motion

Waita: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal has made his resignation conditional on the withdrawal of the no-confidence motion.

The concerned authorities were alerted for the issuance of the notification after the resignation of Chief Minister Jam Kamal and the approval of the Governor of Balochistan in the concerned department of the provincial government yesterday. The issuance of the notification was stopped as the Balochistan Chief Minister did not send his resignation to the Governor House on time. However, the internal story of the matter has now come to light. However, he has made his resignation conditional on the return of the no-confidence motion. He said that he was ready to submit his written resignation today but it should be made public on October 27 and before October 25. The no-confidence motion should be withdrawn. He has sent his family to Karachi on a private flight while his personal belongings are also being shifted to Karachi in phases.

According to sources, angry members of Balochistan Awami Party and united opposition are not ready to trust Chief Minister Jam Kamal in this regard as they say that Chief Minister Jam Kamal was already given 15 days under an agreement. He said that he should abide by the democratic values ​​and resign from his post so that the party would not be harmed and a new Leader of the House could be elected unanimously from within the party.

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