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K-pop group Stray Kids’ fans urge their agency to protect Hyunjin

K-pop group Stray Kids’ fans urge their agency JYP Entertainment to protect member Hyunjin from malicious comments. The artist has been receiving death threats and hateful comments on social media as well as paid platforms like JYPnation for Bubble.

These individuals also share pictures of Hyunjin’s photocards ripped up with captions like: “Hwang Hyunjin’s dead body rots with maggots.”

It was revealed previously that over one thousand individuals conspired in a group chat to buy a Bubble subscription so they could send hate comments to the rapper.

According to Koreaboo, fans suspect that the primary suspects for the cyberbullying are solo stans. “Akgae (악개) is a K-pop fandom term for a fan who likes only one member of a music group and hates the others. It is an abbreviation of ‘akseong gaeinpaen’ (악성개인팬) or ‘malicious individual fan.’”

Fans have begun to rally against the hate and have made several hashtags trend in order to get their company’s attention. 

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