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Khwaja Pervez is the poet of film life

BY Mudasser Qadeer

I have not forgotten the June 20, 2011. The day was hot since morning and around 10 o’clock I got a call from Khwaja Mubashir that Abaji was calling. Immediately I reached the VIP room of Gora Ward Khwaja Pervez was staying in this room of Gora Ward for many days due to ill health. A large number of people used to come to visit him day and night. I was talking to N. I greeted him and Khwaja Sahib gestured me to sit closer. I sat down and he started talking again. There was a domestic problem at that time. They said, “This is your brother too. If I am not here, take care of him. He has to ask for tea, water and food.” I ate and said, “That’s why I called you. If you want to go home, then go. Come in the evening. I got out of there. He used to eat his food between 12 and 1 o’clock and I have never seen him eat alone. He always had one or two personalities with him.
After leaving Gora ward, I met some friends and when I reached home, I saw the time. It was about one o’clock. I washed my hands and started eating. When I picked him up, on the other hand, he told me that Abaji was no more, he was dead. He had taken a morsel of food and leaned to one side. He had cardiac arrest. The doctors tried their best but he could not restore his heartbeat. He was buried in Mayani Sahib on the same day after Isha prayers. went.
I don’t know when I first met Khwaja Pervaiz Sahib but after matriculating from Muslim Model School in 1993, when I joined the literary festivals of Pak Tea House, then I met Khwaja Pervaiz. The editor was a friend of Fanoos and he used to visit our house often but by the 90’s his visits had diminished due to his busy schedule. It was during this period that I started to get acquainted with him. I used to meet him daily till June 20, 2011. In those days he was studying in Dayal Singh College and Khawaja Sahib also did BA from the same college ie he was also my senior college fellow and according to him he started poetry. From the Literary Society of the same college, he used to write poetry based on parody but later turned to serious recitation. In this college, the son of director Wali was also studying. He was a good friend of Khwaja Pervez After which you became his assistant and his name also appeared in the title of the movie Gaddi Gadda. This is about 1956. After that, Khawaja Pervez was associated with various film companies. He also worked as an actor in a film clerk and was also a scriptwriter for many films. ۔
Khawaja Pervez’s first film song was sung by singer Mala, composed by lyric master Inayat Hussain , Apart from dialogues and screenplays, many of his songs were also the result of Khawaja Pervez’s strong pen. Tum hi hu mehboob mery  which was sung separately by Masood Rana Masood Rana and Irene Parveen. In the same movie they sang this super hit ghazal with Mehdi Hassan: ۔ This was the era when on the horizon of Pakistan film industry there were personalities like Tanveer Naqvi, Qateel Shafai, Saifuddin Saif, Tufail Hoshyar Puri, Fayyaz Hashmi, Habib Jalib, Hamita Ali Shair, Baba Alam Siah Posh and Hazeen Qadri. Pervez not only made a name for himself but also made it more famous through his art. He had a relationship with Queen Tarun Noorjahan in the same period but this relationship became famous with the song “Anura” which was released in 1970.Sun wey Balori akh walia after which Khawaja Pervez wrote the most songs for Queen Tarun Noorjahan. He had told me that the number of these film and non-film songs is close to 10,000.
Khawaja Pervaiz Sahib once told me that a Punjabi movie was being made with music director Wazir Afzal. We wanted to sing a song of this movie with Mehdi Hassan but he was afraid to sing in Punjabi so I told him. With great difficulty he agreed and said: Khan sahib, if you do not sing this song during rehearsal, then we will not force you. Mehdi Hassan agreed to this. There was a rushed  in the recording studio who wanted to see Mehdi Hassan sing in Punjabi. After the fame of this song, Mehdi Sahib sang many Punjabi songs which were recorded for different films.
Khawaja Pervez wrote the most songs in Pakistani films. He wrote popular songs equally popular in Urdu and Punjabi films. According to statistics, he wrote more than 1200 songs for more than 500 films while the number of cassette and non-film songs Countless songs have been composed for him by composer M. Ashraf in his own melodies while Masood Rana and Queen Tarun Noor Jahan have recorded most of his songs while every musician and singer of that era has sung songs written by him. Gained fame, after the death of my father in 2004, I was in exile for a living, then Khawaja Pervez Sahib took my hand and handed it over to Azeem Nazir Sahib who was the controller news of his news channel in those days. Azeem Nazir Sahib I was given the beat of showbiz and health education which I am working on till today. With all these people he saw the golden age of the film industry and worked hard and I also had the distinction that I During his childhood and later, he met film personalities and even hosted them at the meeting of Khawaja Sahib where Queen Tarun Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Daljit Mirza, musician Wajahat Attar and Raj Bibar came.
The Gora Ward of the mayo Hospital contains the stories of many historical figures. Until the 90’s, every prominent person of Pakistan had a medical problem and he entered here. For this, lunch was prepared from the house of Khawaja Pervez Sahib. These personalities included Habib Jalib, Khazin Qadri, Sultan Rahi, Muhammad Ali, Riaz Shahid, Agha Shorash Kashmiri and other important personalities. I went to Dr. Adnan Rao to get Khawaja Sahib admitted in this Gora Ward. He immediately seated him in his room and arranged a room for him. At that time Dr. Zahid Pervez was the Medical Superintendent of Mayo Hospital. Upon finding out about the admission, they immediately shifted us to the VIP room. All the treatment was done in the light of the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Throughout the day, his room was crowded with themed people, while at night, stage drama artists and others came to take care of him. Yeh Aate. Khawaja Pervez was awarded the award in 2000 by Nef Deck, a subsidiary of the Government of Pakistan, for being the greatest film poet of the century.I was treating  wounds in ganga ram hospital where  The dispenser, Shoaib, who was 57 at that time  was singing a song of noor jeha song mast hwa pore di  He said that this song is written by Khawaja Pervez which includes all the pains I have gone through.

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