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Kim Kardashian ‘disturbed’ by Balenciaga campaign: ‘She has no tolerance for abuse’

Kim Kardashian is reportedly “upset and disturbed” with the recent Balenciaga campaign that featured kids holding teddy bears dressed in bondage-style harnesses.

The reality TV star has not publically denounced the brand for its troublesome campaign, however, an insider alleged that she is not supporting the controversial advertisements.

“Like everyone else, Kim was incredibly upset and disturbed by the holiday campaign,” the source told The Post. “As a mother, she has no tolerance for abuse or exploitation of children on any level,” the insider added.

The source added, “After speaking with the Balenciaga team privately, as well as seeing that they immediately removed the campaign images and issued a public apology, she is hopeful that they have learned from this incident and that it never happens again.”

This comes after Kim was slammed by social media users for promoting a top from Adidas x Balenciaga collaboration on her Instagram.

“Nobody wants to buy anything from you. Speak up and stand for something,” one fan commented on her handle while another added, “You are a mom. Don’t let it slide.”

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