Little pharaohs


An army of small pharaohs and one alone
My hands are empty of scepter
If the hands are free from the staff
The entity becomes two-fold.
If the wind is contrary
The wave becomes the ocean.
Death becomes destiny..!
A cruel person is actually a frightened person, whether he is a ruler or a general, a judge or a religious leader. Pharaoh was a man who was afraid that a man would be born among the Israelites who would end his rule, he started killing every child born. The fear of losing something makes a person cruel. Why were the great people of the world not cruel? Because they had nothing to lose, they were indifferent to wealth, fame and power. Hajjaj also used to kill people out of fear, the fear of being robbed of the throne. In the Ottoman Caliphate, it was a law that whoever became the ruler should kill his brothers. Why? Fear, lest they rebel and take away his kingdom. There is another reason, when a less capable person gets a higher position, he must show his time. There is a “sadism” in psychological diseases, such people are victims of “sadism”, they take pleasure in oppressing others, hurting them, humiliating them, getting relief from people’s suffering. Actually, these people are suffering from deprivations, the fire of jealousy and revenge is burning in their hearts all the time, to extinguish this fire, a mentality emerges in them, that is the psychological disease, they enjoy tormenting others. Everyone is scared, they are afraid, the law of insulting parliament has also come, now if someone insults the parliament, he will be imprisoned for 6 months and fined 10 lakhs. The members are sitting and are on all guarantees, they are making the law. If someone insults them, there will be imprisonment and fines. How to work. If you say something about the judges, you insult the court, if you talk about the generals, you are called a traitor, if you say something about a cleric, you insult Islam, now only the politicians are left. Everyone is scared, the little pharaohs. What happened on May 9, what is being shown is what is in front of the curtain, what happened and is happening behind the curtain, when it is shown, the earth will tremble at that time. How many people were killed? Who fired the shots? How many women and young girls were picked up, how are they being treated? Who was the mastermind? Is there a program to achieve results? It has been repeatedly written that it is no longer 1970, it is 2023, there is a new generation, old films cannot be played anymore. The media trial is going on, spending 10% of the amount of money the government is spending to make Tehreek-e-Insaf criminal can undo all the damage. Youth are the country’s asset, have mercy on them, on their faces. Appearing in court in black veils, women leaders are acquitted in a trial only to be re-arrested outside jail. The constitution is already broken, the law is not visible anywhere, the orders of the Supreme Court are being thrown in the trash, only force is being used, indiscriminately. Everyone has seen, Fazlur Rahman’s ” “Commandos” bypassed the door of the red zone, using government vehicles, even police vehicles to transport workers to the required places. How long will this power last? There is a limit to everything, how much cruelty can you inflict on any person? Fear the day when the hand of the oppressor reaches your neck. Don’t take political differences to personal animosity, nobody’s body is made of steel, a moving bullet doesn’t ask for one’s name or position. The ministers of the government coalition, members of assembly and their anchors, journalists are very happy, they are enjoying the atrocities on the workers of Tehreek-e-Insaf. Victims of “sadism”. Actually everyone is scared because a scared person is cruel. An army of small pharaohs and one alone.


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