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Liver Disease Prevention, Symposium at King Edward Medical University


Syed Iqbal Shah was my father’s friend. He was a literary man. He was employed in a bank. Heard long stories but one day it was found out that he has a liver disease and also the last stage in which he was diagnosed with cancer, he still had a job, so all his treatment was done in a private hospital. I gave him a smiling and sympathetic human body, but he lost weight within days of being diagnosed with the disease, and finally when I went to see him in the hospital I did not recognize him. I am Iqbal Shah. There is another similar story of my close friend who contracted hepatitis but due to reliance on home remedies and disgust with hospital medicine, the disease became severe and one day he was unable to walk. The blood was taken to the Ultimate Eye Hospital but the liver had ruptured and they left for Malik Adam. Baba Naeem Sheikh, a senior correspondent of Radio Pakistan Lahore also succumbed to hepatitis and died after being under treatment in the neurology department of the Fruit Hospital for several days. The fact is that in the inner city, where there is a lot of life, you will find Hepatitis C patients in every street corner. Other causes of the outbreak are becoming less and less due to public awareness. The only way to prevent this is to get vaccinated in some cases. It was a tragedy but I got this vaccine through a friend and got it to the person concerned so that he can at least avoid Hepatitis B virus. Now he needs 2 more doses of vaccine. Medicines for hepatitis A and C are helpful in treating them. Vaccines have not yet been discovered. If only clean water could be made available, liver diseases could be prevented. They are playing their role and clean water supply filter plants are being set up all over the city. There is still a lot of work to be done but the government is busy playing its role by sending water bill every month.
Recently, on the occasion of the 41st Scientific Symposium of King Edward Medical University, a workshop on various diseases of the liver was of great importance. Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal was the special guest of the function and Prof. Muhammad Shoaib Shafi, Prof. Shahid Sarwar participated as the guest of honor. The workshop was directed by Dr. Bilal Aziz. Floor consultants attended the event. Prof. Bilquis Shabbir in his welcome address reviewed the liver diseases all over the world and especially in Pakistan. He also briefed the audience on the services provided by Endoscopic Suite while Prof. Muhammad Shafi, who is also the Vice President of CPSP, expressed his special interest in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Also, share your memories of the history of the East Medical Ward, your experience as a registrar during the training years, and how the Gastroenterology Unit came into being in the 1980s. Attributed to the great legendary teachers of East Medical Wards who are the result of their efforts in initiating post graduate fellowship program in gastroenterology. He supported the vision of Vice Chancellor Professor Khalid Masood Gondal at King Edward University in which the super specialties of Transplant Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery at KEMU were unveiled. In this regard, Dr. Imran Mahfooz presented endoscopic images of different cases to the audience, Dr. Bilal Aziz discussed a major disease NAFLD, its workup, management and increasing global burden. Dr. Naeem Aslam I highlighted the management of HBV. Dr. Rashid Ali presented case scenarios related to chronic HCV, management and complications. Dr. Habib talked about Portal Van Thrombosis and its current management. Noman explained the indications of liver transplantation in DCLD patients and at the end Prof. Shahid Sarwar briefed the audience about all the medical scenarios presented, brief workup and insights about the management plans. At the end of the workshop Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal taught this The team commended EMW for organizing the event. He highlighted how hypocrites are misleading the common man. On this occasion, he
Presents a vision for the future of KEMU, in which fellowship programs have been launched. At the end, shields were presented to the speakers, guests of honor and special guest.
In this workshop, where liver diseases were covered, on the other hand, doctors and the audience were also made aware of other medical complications caused by liver diseases, which was important for a common man like me to know that Liver disease, if left untreated, can lead to further physical damage and if a person develops hepatitis B, he or she should be referred immediately to a nearby government hospital for a diagnosis. Complete treatment of the successful combination.


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