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Low cost corona vaccine that will be made into yeast

Atlanta: U.S. experts from a variety of fields have developed a corona vaccine that will cost less to commercialize because it will be made into yeast.

The vaccine contains ingredients that, in turn, strengthen the body’s immune system against the SARS-2 virus and strengthen the human body’s ability to fight disease. Research Journal of Immunology According to an article published in the latest issue of, “Vaccine experiments on monkeys have been successful.

In the next phase, it will be tested on humans, and if these experiments are successful, it is hoped that a corona vaccine will soon be available that will not only cost less, but will also be widely used by poor and resource-poor countries. Will be able to

It should be noted that about a dozen corona vaccines are currently being used around the world, but a large number of poor countries are deprived of these vaccines due to the business interests of global pharmaceutical companies.

Wealthy countries have made excessive bookings of the corona vaccine at their own expense, which is having a direct impact on corona vaccination programs in developing and developing countries.

The new yeast corona vaccine will eliminate this problem and enable developing countries to become self-sufficient by making large doses of corona vaccine and not be at the mercy of rich countries in this regard.

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