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Manal and Saboor being criticized for wearing Western-style clothing

Karachi: Actress Manal Khan and Saboor Ali are being severely criticized on social media for wearing western style clothes in actor Ahsan Khan’s show “Time Out with Ahsan Khan”.

Recently, Ahsan Khan invited Manal Khan and Saboor Ali to his show. The show has not aired yet but Ahsan Khan has shared some highlights of the show on Insta Story. In which Manal Khan and Saboor Ali are wearing slightly bold western style clothes. “Saboor Ali’s dressing was very bold.
During the show, Ahsan Khan asked him the reason for playing a negative role. Saboor Ali said, “We are reflecting the society through these roles and we are sending a message to the people through our characters to avoid such people.”

Due to the roles played in both the dramas, the impression of Manal Khan and Saboor Ali has become very negative on social media. That is why both of them are being criticized by social media users for doing bold dressing.
People on social media are criticizing the dress of both of them and saying that Istaghfarullah Manal Aunty has become so shameless. When some said why Manal Khan needed to wear this dress.

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