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May 9: Which 6 PTI figures were in touch with miscreants? The record came out

On May 8 and 9, a shocking record has come to light regarding the contacts between the PTI leadership and the Baloites.

Technical analysis and geofencing have revealed links between PTI’s top leadership and militants.

According to the information obtained from the geo-fencing records, the plan to attack sensitive facilities was allegedly prepared on May 8 at Kuzman Park. The record revealed that 154 mobile numbers were exposed on March 8 at Zaman Park and on May 9 at Jinnah House Blvd. Stay in touch with leaders.

From Imran Khan’s house in Zaman Park, contact cards with 6 important personalities were found, in which Yasmin Rashid, Hamad Azhar, Mehmoodur Rashid, Ejaz Chaudhry, Aslam Iqbal and Murad Ras were in contact with the Baloites.

According to the record, Mehmood-ul-Rashid is on top with 75 times of mobile phone calls, Yasmeen Rashid was contacted through calls 41 times and 10 calls were made to miscreants from Hammad Azhar’s mobile number.

The 50 calls made by Ejaz Chaudhry came in the record while Aslam Iqbal made 16 and Murad Ras 23 calls to bellwais present in Jinnah House.

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