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Medical Superintendent Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Athar Yousuf has said that Sargangaram Hospital is the second largest hospital in the province

Lahore (Mudassir Qadeer) Medical Superintendent Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Athar Yousuf has said that Sargangaram Hospital is the second largest hospital in the province with 831 beds where state-of-the-art medical facilities are being provided to the people free of cost. On a daily basis, the Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Gynecology, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Liver and Gastroenterology and other departments are providing the best healthcare facilities with thousands of inpatients and outpatients with care and urgent services. Talking to Omega News, he said that various departments of the hospital including endoscopy room, surgery unit, emergency department, ICU, CCU, gynecology, diagnostic center with modern laboratory, mammography, open MRI, CT scan. Diagnosis is being done on state-of-the-art ultrasound and fluoroscopy equipment while there is also the best physiotherapist and the best dental department in Punjab where citizens visit and benefit from the facilities on a daily basis, he said. We have the best team in the department under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Hameed, Head of the Department, while the hospital has dengue virus patients and treatment facilities at the Thalassemia Center in collaboration with the Punjab Government. Replying to a question, he said that Gangaram Hospital is the largest and oldest hospital in Asia for the treatment of pregnant women where senior doctors are present 24 hours a day. Woods, Labor Rooms and There are excellent arrangements for nursery for young children. Gangaram Hospital is the best treatment center for pregnant women in Punjab. Emergency ward is providing free medicine to pregnant women. Gynecology wards have 4 labor rooms. And there are excellent nursery arrangements where there is an intensive care ward for newborns. In addition, patients with kidney disease are being treated and free dialysis facilities are being provided, while hepatitis patients are being given endoscopy for the treatment of gastrointestinal patients on the basis of all facilities and routine, patients with dengue virus. The hospital management, teachers, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have rendered excellent services during the Corona epidemic which is an example. Medical Superintendent Ganga Ram Hospital in response to a question said that Secretary Health Following the special directive of Jan Khan, all the facilities of health card are being provided to the people. So far around 2000 patients have been treated through health card. Punjab Government and Department of Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Due to hard work, I am working day and night in Ganga Ram Hospital. My first priority is to provide modern and timely treatment to the patients so that the patient recovers from the hospital and returns to his family smiling. The renovation work has started while the secretary is fine Ganga Ram Hospital is going to be the first child and mother care hospital of its kind in Pakistan under the leadership of Dr. T. Informing Omega News about his appointment, Dr. Athar Yousuf said that he obtained his medical degree from Allama Iqbal Medical College after which he was posted in various hospitals in Punjab. Appreciating your services, you have been appointed as the Medical Superintendent of Ganga Ram Hospital. It should be noted that he has served as the Medical Superintendent of Ganga Ram Hospital four times before. He also pledged that his mission is to provide international healthcare to patients, which he will continue to do, and that his room is open to patients. In this regard, the provision of facilities can be found.

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