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Meeting regarding the establishment of a new clinic at Lady Willingdon Hospital on “Reproductive Health and STDs held at King Edward Medical University

Lahore()A meeting regarding the establishment of a new clinic at Lady Willingdon Hospital on “Reproductive Health and STDs held at King Edward Medical University.
Vice Chancellor KEMU Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, Mr. Kamran Lashari, Director General Walled City Lahore Authority, and his experts Mrs. Saman Rai, Director General Population Welfare Authority, Lahore with her team. Mrs. Zerqa Shafqat, Senior Social Worker, Prof. Zohra Khanum, Medical Superintendent Lady Willingdon Hospital, Lahore, and Mr. Qasim Amin, also attended the meeting.

On this occasion, the eminent experts present showed concern there is no national Cancer Registry in Pakistan and emphasized for a three-pillar approach should be adopted so that in Pakistan cervical cancer can be eliminated locally and nationally. There are three most important pillars including HPV vaccination, cervical screening, and treatment are absolutely important for sustainable preventive cervical cases.
Keeping in view that the increased disease burden of cervical cancer in women of reproductive age can be reduced by primary prevention strategies of immunization, and screening through the latest developed mechanisms of registration of cancer cases. It is suggested that cervical cancer screening and the establishment of Cancer Registries on an immediate basis and immunization initiation as a mid-term measure to control the disease burden.
To reach elimination targets, systematic national programs for cervical cancer screening and treatment needs to be implemented, with high immunization coverage achieve the objective nationally. Health workforce capacity should be strengthened across all three pillars (HPV vaccination, cervical screening, and treatment) for sustainable success in preventing cervical cancer cases.
Mr. Kamran Lashari welcomed the ideas and extended his all-out support for this noble cause and deputed staff to facilitate the working group.
Mrs. Saman Rai lauded and extended helping hands to the campaign in enhancing public awareness within the Walled City and the city of Lahore to help out King Edward Medical University and Lady Willingdon Hospital in eliminating this deadly menace among the women.
Mrs. Zerqa Shafqat, one of the senior most social workers, working in domains of Walled City and adjoining areas of Lahore- elaborated upon the already set-up social contact points within the Walled City where young girls and women are encouraged to participate in the screening programs for reproductive health and STDs.

All appreciated the efforts being made by Prof. Zohra Khanum and Vice Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz and promised to extend all our support for such endeavors.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz and Prof. Zohra Khanum promised to establish a Central Clinic with the support of all the participants at Lady Willingdon Hospital within two weeks and start the three pronged strategies of creating social, awareness referral from the Walled City to Central Clinic at Lady Willingdon and then further treatment. All vowed to keep the dignity, respect, and confidentiality of all the participating patients in the program.

At the end of the meeting, Vice Chancellor Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz thanked the distinguished guests for attending the meeting and it was reiterated that effective measures will be taken to control Sexual Transmitted diseases in the future.
The Vice-Chancellor took the guests to the Library Hall and Department of Telemedicine of King Edward Medical University to view the working over there.

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