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National Day of Newspapers and People Friendly Initiatives of Pervez Elahi

BYMudassar Qadeer

I was interested in newspapers from the third grade, my father Qadeer Shaidi was a writer, poet and journalist, so the newspaper was the only facility in our house, which the whole neighborhood used. The art of reading and writing Urdu was taught to me by my father. I had reached primary school and I had learned how to read and write an application. That was the reason why when I entered the Muslim model school in the sixth grade, the Urdu subject seemed to have become easier for me, the interpretation of the poems and the main idea of the whole story. I used to write on time and never failed in urdu subject but when my supply came in Iqbaliyat paper during MA urdu exam, for the first time i felt that maybe something was missing but i passed this exam at the first opportunity. I completed this deficiency by passing, but till today I expressed my regret that despite being a member of literature lover, Arbab e Zouk circle, I could not clear the Iqbaliyat paper. Newspapers create public opinion with authentic news and editorials related to daily life so that the government has a view on the problems and they play their role to eliminate these problems so that the public opinion can also be respected. Governance in Punjab province of Pakistan. How it should be has always been an interesting topic which has always required the pages of newspapers. Accordingly, those who ruled here in the last two decades are recognized by their models. There was a Shahbaz Sharif model in which He always seemed to be working and was in the news for his style of governance. Former Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar was also the ruler of Punjab for three and a half years and the news that was frequently adorned in the media during his government was that the bureaucracy was not working and former Prime Minister Imran Khan also said this many times on record. During twenty years, there has been a third model in Punjab and this model is working again at that time, that is Chaudhry Parvez Elahi model and now this model has been running in Punjab for two months. The government does not seem to have any complaints about the bureaucracy, nor does the bureaucracy have any problems. Like former Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is not seen in the field day and night, but his model is also running successfully. As soon as he became the Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi announced to work as a team with the existing officers, even the Chief Secretary and IG Punjab, instead of unnecessary transfers and visited the Civil Secretariat this week and called a conference of secretaries. And issued a single directive that no file should remain on an officer’s desk for more than two days. Similarly, Pervaiz Elahi has announced to increase the salaries and benefits of police officers and jawans and has announced a special allowance for the officers conducting operations against dacoits in the slum areas, after which the importance of this model is becoming more and more evident. And in public opinion, the current model in the context of Pakistan is effective because when you give power to government officials to exercise authority and at the same time give them privileges and also privileges to middle and lower level officers and officials, it certainly leads to bureaucratic functioning and Does not feel shy in teamwork. When he became the Chief Minister in 2002, he had only one goal to break the impression of Shehbaz Sharif and then it happened. Look at the rescue 1122. Look at the infrastructure. These projects are still going on today. As soon as Parvez Elahi took over the government, he focused only on work. What and in this first strengthened its relations with the bureaucracy and the police. And this is the key that Buzdar did not have, while Shahbaz Sharif uses the same key in his own style, his whole focus is still on his political survival. Which was announced yesterday by the Chief Minister during a meeting in Pasarur, he announced that one lakh jobs will be given in the province and said that jobs will be given in police, local government and other departments. Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi announced the increase in stipend for girls going to schools in 14 districts of South Punjab and said that the amount of stipend has been increased for girls going to school and announcing free education up to BA throughout Punjab. He said that books up to BA will also be given free in the entire province and teaching of the Holy Quran with translation up to FA has been made mandatory from school to university. On this occasion, he said that our government has doubled the allowances of traffic wardens and patrolling police. This is the rescue 1122 which has done the most work after the army in the flood. Now our government will give more vehicles to the rescue 1122 and expand the scope of their services and they are also expanding the scope of the rescue motorbike service. The Chief Minister of Punjab is determined to make the lives of the common man easier, because of which the poor man is the focus of all his policies, and therefore he has made medicines and injections free in the emergency wards of all hospitals, which are under his control. There is a need for compassion with the people of Punjab in this age of poverty, which should continue forever.

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