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New twist on Saba Qamar’s marriage decision

Karachi: Actress Saba Qamar has made a big announcement about her marriage decision which is definitely a disappointment for her fans.

Actress Saba Qamar had surprised her fans by announcing her marriage to blogger Azeem Khan a few days back. After Saba Qamar’s marriage was announced, a woman made serious allegations against her fianc  Azeem Khan, such as rape and death threats.
However, Saba Qamar had expressed confidence in Azeem Khan and said that she has full confidence in Azeem. But now all of a sudden Saba Qamar has ended her relationship with Azeem Khan and once again surprised her fans.
Addressing everyone on Instagram, Saba Qamar said, “I want to make an important announcement. For some personal reasons, I canceled my decision to marry Azeem Khan.” We are not getting married anymore. I hope you will all support me in my decision just as you have always supported me. And I don’t think it’s too late to realize the bitter realities.

Saba Qamar added, “I want to clarify another important point that I have never met Azeem Khan in my life. We were only in touch by phone.” This is a difficult time for me but as we all know it will pass.

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