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“Obesity is a multi-chronic disease of the modern era and every third person in the world is overweight, Dr. Javed Iqbal

Professor of Medicine and Endocrinologist, Dr. Javed Iqbal has said that “Obesity is a multi-chronic disease of the modern era and every third person in the world is overweight while one in 8 people is obese, the reasons of which are complex and are multifactorial, it is caused by the accumulation of abnormally high fat in the body due to which other organs of the body are affected and the human health may deteriorate. He said that excess weight The causes include genetic, physical and environmental factors, he added, adding that obesity is highly genetic and if you have these genes, you are more likely to be obese by the age of 18. Body mass index is a formula that According to this formula, a person’s weight is divided by his height according to this formula, if the answer is less than 18.5, according to the universally arranged scale. A person suffering from underweight is considered normal if it is less than 25, while 25 to 30 is the starting point of obesity. According to the classification of obesity according to the global scale and Japanese guidelines, according to the first classification, if If the body mass index is from 30 to 35, it is the first level, more than 35 and less than 40 is the second level, and 40 and more is considered the third level of obesity. Human hormones also cause obesity and increase it, among these hormones, leptin. Among these hormones, leptin is a major appetite-suppressing hormone that counteracts its effects on body weight gain. Garlin stimulates appetite even though its levels fall. goes, but obesity starts due to overeating. Neuropathy DY also causes the intensity of hunger to increase while cortisol forces you to eat more. On this occasion, Professor Javed Iqbal informed that GLP One and GIP hormone treatments can reduce the rate of obesity, while the use of certain medications and injections also lead to weight loss.

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