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Opening Ceremony of AVR Equipment for Children’s Hearing Assessment

AVR Equipment was dedicated to the Department of Audiology by Professor Shafiq from Canada.
Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal was the special guest of the inaugural function while MS Mayo Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Prof. Timur Latif Malik, Dr. Ejaz Nazir, Dr. Nakhbatullah Awan and others were present.

On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal in his speech said that the services of Prof. Shafiq are a charity for the patients. He said that what you will learn and teach is charity for you and the heartfelt prayer of a single patient can change the world of the healer in the hereafter.
The University will extend all possible support to the students for the research while strengthening all the fields of Allied Health Sciences including Audiology. He further added that deafness can be prevented by taking precautionary measures and consultation can be done at home at the TeleENT desk in the Department of Telemedicine at King Edward Medical University.
Prof. Shafiq said that it is a matter of pride for me to be here.
MS Mayo Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed said that Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal has a very kind and sincere personality.
Dr. Nakhbatullah Awan said that screening is essential for the best assessment of hearing in children.
Audiology services are available free of charge to every patient at Mayo Hospital.

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