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Pakistan Sunni Tehreek organized “Love Day of Pakistan”

Lahore () Pakistan Sunni Tehreek organized “Love Day of Pakistan”. Resolutions of Pak Army Zindabad will be passed in Friday’s sermons. Sahibzada Abdullah Saqib, Mufti Saleem Naqshbandi, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Jalali, Sheikh Muhammad Nawaz Qadri, Pir Saifullah Naqshbandi, Qari Riaz Hazarawi, Ghulam Qadir Naqshbandi in their Friday sermons at various places said that Karachi condemns the bomb blast in the strongest terms. Terrorists have nothing to do with humanity. The people and forces of Pakistan have been fighting for the last two thirds. Terrorists and their ideologies will be sent to hell. The Pakistan Army is a non-political and professional army which is being tarnished by politics. The army should not be tarnished in its personal and political interests. He said that those who are attacking the army are all Indian cars. The guards of the country’s borders are young soldiers. The army is concerned with the security of the country on all fronts. Political parties are defaming the army for the fulfillment of their own interests. I want to work. Repeatedly bringing the army into politics is a tool of the enemies of India and other countries. Lasting peace in Pakistan involves the blood of more than 80,000 Pakistanis. The great sacrifices of these martyrs of Pakistan cannot be ignored. The 22 crore people of Kashmir are with their forces. There is no tolerance of any kind of chaos in the country.

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