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Pakistani expert Nimra Khalid on urban planning and climate change wins US award

Karachi: Pakistan’s urban designer and climate change expert Nimra Khalid has won the ‘Inspiring Award’ under the Guggenheim Foundation Museum in the United States.

An urban mapping and planning expert from Karachi has collected historical evidence on the development and expansion of the city. In this context, he presented the connection between ‘heat waves’ and pollution in the city. Since the Second World War, the area of Karachi has increased 30 times and the city is expanding uncontrollably to many countries. has grown up. Rainwater now floods the city and heat waves attack as sea breezes stop. In this context, more than 1200 people died in the heat wave of 2015. 25-year-old Nimra Khalid founded a startup called Karachi Cartography two years ago to create a climate map of the city. In recognition of this important work, he has been named among the Guggenheim Museum’s 2023 Three Teen Climate Visionaries in New York.

According to Nimra, they are exploring how life in Karachi is paralyzed for days by a slight heat wave and a little rain. In this spirit, he started work on socio-climatic evolutionary mapping and planning of Karachi.

Meanwhile, he also collected ancient and modern maps of Karachi and used social media, especially Instagram, to help him. In this way, she managed to acquire 200 maps from 1700 till now.

His team now consists of 13 members who are contributing to climate change and mitigation planning in Karachi.

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