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PDM group is clearly seeing that 22 crore people of Pakistan are standing behind Imran Khan,Murad Ras

Lahore (General Reporter) Provincial Education Minister Punjab Murad Ras arrived in Sialkot on a one-day visit. On this occasion, while talking to the media, the provincial minister said that PDM group is clearly seeing that 22 crore people of Pakistan are standing behind Imran Khan. No power in the world can keep people away from Imran Khan. Murad Ras said that the people of Pakistan will not be disappointed by Imran Khan’s call for a long march. Today we have come to organize in Sialkot and we are sure that on a call from Imran Khan, the sea of ​​people will reach Islamabad with full force. He said that we did not create the Punjab government to sit in the offices, we will get rid of this corrupt group in the federal government. Talking about the poor people caught in the storm of inflation, the provincial minister said that today’s food items have become far away from the reach of the common people. Murad Ras said that the people of Pakistan know how the imported government was imposed on the country and nation. In the last few months, the imported government has put the people in trouble by increasing the prices of petrol, electricity and others. Not only the people of PTI but every citizen of Pakistan will have to come out to save the country. Today the country is a disaster. is standing on the brink of and only this corrupt and incompetent group is responsible for it. Talking about the Long March, Provincial Minister School Education Punjab Murad Ras said that our preparation is complete, the only solution to all the country’s problems. How to hold general elections as soon as possible. PDM group is running away from general elections due to the fear of worst defeat. They know that no one will vote for them now. Today all the corrupt and incompetent political leaders are on one side and Imran alone. Khan is on one side. Murad Ras also said that today our people have become conscious, no matter what the PDM group does, it cannot fool anyone. On this occasion, Provincial Labor Minister Ansar Majeed Niazi, Provincial Minister for Sports and Culture Malik Timur, Osman Dar and others were present.

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