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Peace in the region is not possible without solution of Kashmir issue: Army Chief

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that peace in the region is not possible without a just solution to the Kashmir issue.

Addressing the National Security Dialogue , the Army Chief said that National Security is not only to counter internal and external threats, its objective is to counter various stimuli with time. National Security Dialogue is an important need of the hour. In the current situation, Pakistan faces many challenges, regional and international cooperation is needed to address these challenges.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Pakistan is a responsible country in the region and is spending less on defense despite security threats. Despite security challenges from the invading neighbor, Pakistan did not join the arms race because humanitarian means to increase security costs. Development has to be sacrificed.

Peace in the region is linked to the prosperity of other countries. Pakistan’s geopolitical status can lead to economic development in the region. If there is peace in the region, the economy will be strong and all countries will be able to live in peace.
The Army Chief said that all disputes with the neighbors want to be resolved through peaceful and dignified talks, the main cause of tension between Pakistan and India is the Kashmir issue, without a just solution to the Kashmir issue, peace in the region is not possible, in Afghanistan. Peace is the guarantee of peace in the region, Pakistan is playing an important role in establishing peace in Afghanistan.

“Today, the world is facing different forms of terrorism. We are close to the destination after a long struggle to eradicate terrorism. Less developed areas need to be tackled to curb terrorism and extremism.

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