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People abused on social media because of Mahira Khan,Ali Abbas

KARACHI: Leading Pakistani TV actor Ali Abbas has revealed that he had received a lot of abuse on social media because of Mahira Khan.

Actor Ali Abbas, who has acted in dramas like “Fitrat”, “Tum Kun Piya”, and “Mehr O Meharban”, recently participated in an online show where the host asked him if he ever You have been trolled on social media (criticized) to which Ali Abbas replied that I was abused on social media because of Mahira Khan.

Ali Abbas, while describing the incident, said that a picture of Mahira Khan appeared on social media without a dupatta. Although Mahira Khan was fully clothed, her dress was not inappropriate at all which led to her being criticized. But still people were criticizing her a lot and there was a lot of noise on social media as to why Mahira Khan came without Dupatta.

So I wrote a statement in her favor on social media with a picture of Mahira Khan, “If he is not wearing a dupatta, then let’s stop watching.” But for supporting Mahira Khan, I got a lot of abuse on social media.

“People criticized me so much and gave me insults that no one has ever given me in my life,” Ali Abbas said. I felt bad about the attitude of the people. After this incident, I learned a lesson that I should not do this again.

It is to be noted that a video of Mahira Khan went viral last year in which she took part in a rally against the atrocities against the Palestinians in Israel and she was not wearing a dupatta which caused her a lot of criticism on social media.

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