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People friendly initiatives of Mohsin Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi.

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I call Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi the name of Mohsin Punjab because the steps he has taken regarding the welfare of the people in his two terms of government are unprecedented. By becoming a tree, emergency services to the people throughout Punjab. Its scope is so wide that it has gained acceptance throughout the province. This is because the facility of motorcycle squad is available only in a few countries, now after the provision of new ambulances and helicopters for this service, its usefulness will increase further.

A few days ago Mohsin Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi announced to make the Punjab Institute of Qur’an and Seerat Studies a Khatam-ul-Nabin University with a grant of one billion and this bill was passed by the Punjab Assembly with an overwhelming majority. The classes will be shared with Madinah University and Jamiat Al-Azhar University, while for the first time in the marriage contract, a special Khalaf was included regarding Khatam-ul-Nabin (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Orders were issued to the offices to frame the mentioned verses regarding Khatam-ul-Nabin, in addition to special measures regarding the teaching and memorization of the Nazra of the Holy Qur’an up to the primary level, while the teaching and provision of books for all subjects up to BA. was made free of charge which was possible for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

In addition to this, the inauguration of the new building of the Punjab Assembly, which has been under construction for 15 years, was also done by the hands of Mohsin Punjab. Mohsin Punjab expanded the Artist Welfare Funds and increased its value from 5000 to 25000, which is of great importance to those who are related to art because those who serve art throughout their lives are given a pension by the government in their old age. Getting a substantial amount as a stipend and that too is no less than a blessing in this era of inflation, while the announcement of setting up a film studio in Dongi Ground Samanabad with funds of one billion rupees will play an important role in the recovery of the industry.

An example of this initiative of Mohsin Punjab is not found anywhere in the 15-year history of the province, on which my elder Khalid Abbas Dar also spoke the historical phrase that Chaudhry is made by giving and indeed the government of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has taken such measures regarding the welfare of the people. These steps which are commendable include the establishment of Phase 2 of Journalists’ Colony for journalists in Lahore and also the announcement of building housing colonies for journalists across Punjab in this manner. My Eldery Khawaja erwaiz told me once that Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi’s political vision is full of people’s friendship and he recognizes the greatness of man. According to him, the stronger all the classes are, the faster the progress of the country will be and it will not suffer from stagnation.

According to Mohsin Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, he got the idea of providing a house to journalists because not long ago, I did not meet a senior journalist for a few days. When I reached his house to visit him, I saw how the journalist who has great power in his pen was living. After this incident, I decided to establish a journalist colony and when he first came to power in the province, he It has become practical on which the Journalist Colony Phase 1 has been built and today, by the grace of Allah, the practical work has started on Phase 2 as well.

During the tenure of Mohsin Punjab Parvez Elahi, 6 new districts of Punjab have been created so far, which will be remembered as revolutionary in the 15-year history of the province. These districts include Murree, Tlagung, Wazirabad, Kot Addu, Jampura and Taunsa. While Taunsa could not be given the form of a separate district during the reign of Usman Buzdar, this work was also completed during the reign of Mohsin Punjab Parvez Elahi, and by adding cancer and other diseases to the Health Insaf Card, its scope was further expanded. Expanded so that a large number of people can use this card for providing health services. To provide facilities to patients suffering from heart diseases, Chaudhry Anwar Ali Cheema Institute of Cardiology in Sargodha is being started with a budget of 6 billion and the number of beds in Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology has been increased by 200 beds while in Nijab Institute of Cardiology 50 crores. The grant will provide new thallium scan and CT scan facilities and a new pharmacy will also be established for patients to get free medicines from which a large number of patients will be benefited. of Cardiology, Bahawalpur, with the help of which Thalam scan and CT angiography machines will be installed there. will provide the best treatment facilities and along with this they have also announced the allocation of Rs 5 billion for a 200-bed Mother and Child Block at Lady Wellington Hospital.

Taking into account the welfare of the common man, the Punjab government is willing to complete all these projects for the promotion of the people-friendly vision of Mohsin Punjab Parvaizalhi and for the welfare of the people so that the people of Punjab can benefit from the fruits of these projects. Among these projects, one important project is the Go Punjab app, due to which you can get many facilities at the doorstep of your home, which is an important achievement of its kind, which has the practical support of Mohsin Punjab. These are the revolutionary measures. are available to the residents of Punjab after 15 years and their fruits will shine with their splendor in the days to come.

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