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Plight of teachers in Pakistan

By Rana Liaquat Ali

Plight of teachers in Pakistan “Teacher’s Day” is celebrated all over the world to honor the teachers. In Pakistan this day is named as “Salam Teachers Day” every year on October 5th like all over the world. The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the honor and respect of teachers in the public/society. A teacher is a Muslim reality. No society/country can develop until it gives a high position to the teacher because the awareness and development of the nation is not possible without the teacher. The teacher is the foundation of the education system. The profession of education is related to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) chose the word “Teacher” for himself. Hazrat Umar (RA) was asked that even after being the caliph of such a vast empire, do you have any regrets in your heart, and he (RA) said! I wish I was a teacher. Hazrat Ali said, “He who taught me even one letter, I am his slave, he can sell me if he wants, free me if he wants.” Alexander the Great said that my parents should take me from the heavens to the earth have come while the teacher takes me from earth to the heights of heaven. Honoring the teacher is indispensable to all of us and it is a sacred profession. In the Islamic society, the teacher has been given an important position and has been given. In Islam, the status of a teacher is that of a spiritual parent. In the world, after parents, the teacher is the third person responsible for the education of the child. The western society also acknowledges its development as the teacher’s debt and provides the teacher with a better position and facilities than other classes. When some German doctors, engineers and others demanded a higher salary increase than teachers, the German chancellor/prime minister replied that how is it possible that your salaries are higher than those who brought you to this position (teachers). It should be added. In the court of the West, the judge stands in respect to the teacher and orders him to give a chair to sit. Students consider it disrespectful of the teacher to walk on the teacher’s shadow. When Hazrat Allama Muhammad Iqbal was going to be given the title of “Sir”, Allama Muhammad Iqbal said that the rightful person for this title is my teacher Maulvi Mir Hasan, because of whom I am worthy of this title today. Nawaza Jaye Punjab Teachers Union is a representative organization of the teachers of Punjab, Punjab province, which has been actively working for the improvement of the education system and the protection and representation of the rights of teachers since the establishment of Pakistan. The constitution and manifesto of the organization enshrines the rights of the teachers as well as obliges the teachers to pay their duties so that the teachers play their significant role in the development of the country. According to a careful estimate in the country of Pakistan, more than seven lakh government teachers and thirteen lakh private sector teachers are continuing the education and training of the new generation for a better future of the country and the nation in spite of economic and social exploitation. Salaam Teachers’ Day was celebrated every year on 5th October in Pakistan during General Musharraf’s era. In the beginning, this day was celebrated with great fanfare, but gradually the enthusiasm to celebrate this day faded at the government level. Organized by Department of Education, Schools Punjab, 2017 “Salam Teachers’ Day” was organized in Iwan Iqbal Lahore, in which teachers were awarded with “Star” award and cash prizes on the basis of examination results/best performance, after that in 2018 and 2019 Events were organized but the event like 2017 could not be held. After that, no such event was possible. Perhaps our political situation did not give the rulers the opportunity to pay attention to this. Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik, former Secretary Schools Punjab, current member Punjab Public Service Commission, through a letter in June 2018 to all the administration. Instructions were issued that the word “Honorable” should be written with the name of the teacher in the letters. He has been buried after his departure. Today, teachers in the whole country are suffering from economic and social problems. Increasing inflation has made teachers suffer from economic problems. The employees of other government departments are given additional allowances equal to their salary, secretariat allowance, utility allowance, Provisional Allowance, Risk Allowance, House rent equivalent to salary is being given to a department in the name of house selling, whereas a grade 14 teacher is getting Rs 3321, a grade 15 teacher is Rs 3524, a grade 16 teacher is Rs 4091 and a grade 17 teacher is getting Rs 6650 It does not even rent a 10*10 room while in rural areas even less house rent is given. In the same way, the medical allowance is non-existent due to which even one day’s medical facility is not available. Seventy percent of teachers have to travel in public transport to teach in educational institutions away from their homes, especially women teachers have to bear hardships during the journey and the conveyance allowance given is very little if not non-existent. The concept of holidays for teachers is gone. Teachers are assigned non-teaching duties whenever they want. Teachers are being treated like sheep in Pakistan. Teachers face retaliatory measures and FIRs to suppress their voices if they raise their legitimate rights and issues. Long-standing issues like pay protection, perpetuation of 14 thousand SSEs, cancellation of teachers’ package remain unresolved. Where inflation has affected other classes, teachers are also severely affected. Unable to perform their duties due to additional teaching and economic depression. Thousands of posts of teachers have been vacant for the last four years.Class IV vacancies are non-existent in the villas and those that are there are also vacant. The responsibility of Class IV has also fallen on the teachers. New recruitment of teachers has become a dream. Due to non-payment of NSB grant to schools in time and in full, the teacher has become a stigmatized image in the society. If you look at any sector in the country of Pakistan, you will see degradation, but in the field of education, 98% of teachers will be found working despite unfavorable conditions and are present in educational institutions. At the time of the establishment of Pakistan, the literacy rate was 18%, today it is 62.3%. while in Punjab province it is more than 63%. Which is due to the teachers. If the conditions are better, it is possible to increase it further. Teachers also have a role in making the country Pakistan a nuclear power, but the teacher is a victim of misappropriation. Neither the health facilities are available nor the residence. Khwari has been made a destiny for commuting. Last days, a letter was written by the senior police officers to the subordinate police officers/officials that wherever you come across a teacher, he should Treat with respect. How much it has been implemented or not, but such orders are a source of satisfaction. On the other hand, no secretary of any department has been able to exhort his subordinate staff or offices to respect the teacher or any such letter has been issued by the Chief Minister of Punjab. I am the role of some teacher. The politicians and bureaucrats holding high positions do not have the opportunity to give the teachers an appointment and listen to them immediately if they want to meet them. It has become impossible to get an appointment with Secretary Schools Punjab and Education Minister Punjab today to listen to the teachers. Teachers should be invited in government events to increase the prestige of teachers among the public. Teachers should also be sent on foreign trips in the form of delegations. When foreign delegations come to Pakistan, a meeting of teachers should also be arranged with them so that the image of Pakistan can be better in the world. But it is sad to say that teachers are called to increase the excitement of a match or meeting or to prove the manpower in an event. And it is said that attendance must be ensured or action will be taken. Then after hours of indifference it is possible to return. What should we do with bureaucrats and politicians? In the offices of our own CEOs Education, DEOs Education, Deputy DEOs Education, principals from primary to grade 20 are seen standing helplessly at their doors. Waiting to see Mr. No formal waiting room has been set up. Even if there is a waiting room in an office, it is nominal. There is an official sitting in it also doing office work. In primary schools, there is no regular staff room for head teachers, and there are no separate staff rooms for female teachers in boys’ schools. Female teachers are not allowed to bring infants along. Which is the negation of women’s rights and children’s rights. Non-provision of facilities has become a tradition. If steps are taken to make it easier for the teachers, those who take the steps start undermining it. Merit-based online transfers started as an end to bribery and recommendation culture, but extreme hardship has spoiled it. The teachers do not object to anyone’s authority, except for a few advocates and influential people who make transfers without any reason just to show their influence in the teaching community or to show their political influence. A few months ago, a teacher is transferred due to his incompetence, then after a few months, he returns to the same school on extreme hardship due to his influence. They have been going 15 to 50 kilometers away from their homes every day for 10, 10 years and they are not happy. They have become mentally ill. So, will the deprived and mentally disturbed teacher be able to teach the children wholeheartedly? No, violence against children cannot be defended under any circumstances, but it has become a teacher’s crime to interfere in the training and correction of a child. Not cutting hair, not trimming nails, not having a clean uniform, lack of interest in class work, homework, not punctuality, child’s lack of interest in education and other social evils, scolding the child sometimes became a crime of the teacher. Is. Suspending a teacher without investigation/inquiry or making a transfer/adjustment far away from home on political motives is it not against the dignity of the teacher? What message are we giving to our new generation that they are independent parents If this does not happen tomorrow, these same children will hold the neck of their parents and then the parents will hide their faces. The teacher is also a part of this society. A mistake may be made, but it should not be considered a crime. Remember that a teacher is not a king, but a king falls. Government officials, bureaucrats and parents should show their respect for the teacher to their children by their behavior, otherwise the society will suffer chaos. We have not been able to become a nation in 75 years already. Despite being a nuclear power, we have not been able to create a uniform curriculum/education system. They are setting up education factories like camels. If the teacher is responsible for negligence, then the ruler is equally responsible. If the teacher is neglecting his duties due to inflation or other social conditions, then the state is responsible. After the First World War, Hitler In view of the financial crisis, the salaries of the employees should be reduced, but ordered that no one should

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