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Pneumonia patients may benefit from physiotherapy


Pittsburgh: A survey has found that if pneumonia patients undergo physiotherapy and occupational therapy, not only do they recover faster, their hospital visits can be reduced, but their risk of death is also reduced.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs that can be severe and can be fatal. It is the leading cause of death in the United States alone. Even before Code 19, pneumonia was common in many countries. One-third of these elderly people go to the hospital several times a year and die. Surviving patients become so weak that they cannot do their normal work.

Janet Freiberger, a physiotherapist at the University of Pittsburgh, said that as physiotherapy is increased in patients with pneumonia, the incidence of hospitalizations and deaths decreases. He made the announcement after studying 30,000 patients at the Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. All of these patients had pneumonia or influenza.

Dr Janet said she was not surprised by the results because physiotherapy keeps her away from the hospital and now data and surveys have confirmed it. The survey looked at thousands of patients aged 18 or over and carefully studied their data.

Tracy Elliott, another physiotherapist, says it solves patients’ problems and makes it easier for them to walk. Not only do pneumonia patients get rid of the fear of death, but they get better and better. Experts then insist that all hospitals provide physiotherapy to pneumonia patients.

The study found that timely and accurate physiotherapy and occupational therapy can help pneumonia patients recover faster.

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