Political victimization


It became 309 dollars. Congratulations! Shireen Mazari, Fawad Chaudhry also left Tehreek-e-Insaf. The stock market continues to fall, investors’ trillions of rupees are sinking. Look! Fayyazul Hasan Chauhan also parted ways with Imran Khan. Gas bill of 300 rupees 3000, electricity bill of 2000 rupees 10000 rupees. Breaking News! Jalil Sharqpuri also said goodbye to PTI. The State Bank has said that the growth rate will be less than one percent. Distribute the candy! Jamshed Cheema and Musarat Cheema are also about to leave the party, the rate of car purchases and borrowing from private banks has decreased by 90%, Bhangra Dalo! Imran Khan has been summoned by the Election Commission in a personal capacity for insulting him. According to the statistics agency, the prices of common goods have increased by 60 to 100 percent. Good news for the nation! Punjab Police has arrested 7 thousand “terrorists” of Tehreek-e-Insaf. According to the report of the International Monetary Fund, Pakistan has become a more expensive country than Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal. Hahahaha! Bushra Bibi will also have to account for corruption. Exports of textile products have decreased by 40% in one year. The investigation of the land bought by Imran Khan’s wife has started, another case has been registered against Imran Khan, the number has increased to 150. The government of veterans has set a record of borrowing 5 thousand billion in the last three months, headline! There are dozens of terrorists in Zaman Park.
There is a limit to everything, but such revenge is being taken, history has also been ashamed, Mian Azhar, has anyone ever raised a finger on his political life? Bad times have come to the Sharif family. They generously helped them to restore their business. Even the witch leaves the house, the police entered their house, threatened Mian Azhar, present your son or they will take your daughter. How was Usman Dar’s mother threatened by the police? That too has come on record. Why was Shireen Mazari forced to leave the party? If there is a young daughter in the house, the steps of brave people are also shaken. In far away villages where people do not even know how to burn and surround them, the police entered their houses and made arrests and vandalism. The MLAs of the ruling party have narrowed the space for the opponents in their constituencies, their houses, plazas, petrol pumps are being demolished, those who have been arrested are imprisoned in jails, the rest are hiding. Reports of the treatment of women in prisons are horrifying. There is no constitution or law, this has never happened even during the dictator’s reign. Judges should sit at home, go to Europe for summer holidays, how much more disrespect for the law will there be? Islamabad High Court Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb while ordering the release of Asad Umar said, “He “So you won’t be released until you hold a press conference.” At what point was the country brought to one person’s request, one person’s hatred? One can get rid of the party by force, but one’s ideas cannot be changed, only hatred spreads. The speeches that were made in a meeting in Gilgit in the past few days are sad. A seed produces a tree.
Kill the house!! How long will you continue to show “Imran Series” to the public? What you have done to the country, now for the next ten years, no foreign capitalist will invest here. Here only marriage halls will be built or lands will be sold and bought, enmities will increase and people will kill each other for a few bucks.
According to the data, the income of 70% of the country’s workforce is 34 thousand rupees per month on average. This means that 23 crore people out of the 24 crore population of the country have nothing to lose. Try it!! On May 9, people came out against the arrest of Imran Khan, how many people will there be? A few thousand. Be afraid since 23 crore people come out for bread, remember 23 crore people out of 24 crore population have nothing to lose.


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