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Powri girl ‘Dananeer’ reacts to viral video memes

Karachi: YouTuber Dananeer, best known for his “powrihorahihy” on social media, broke the silence on viral memes.

A few days ago, a video was uploaded on social media on Instagram called “Dananeer” which went viral within a few hours and later it started getting memes from all over the world including Pakistan which is still going on. “We didn’t plan and make a video, but I went to Nathiagli with friends and we were having fun with music and just uploaded a video,” Dananeer told the BBC. “When I uploaded the video, I had no idea it would go so viral. The only intention behind making my video was to make everyone enjoy watching it,” Dananeerr said. Memes are being made on video from all corners of the country on which I am very happy to see how much talent is hidden in our nation and I am having a lot of fun creating people while making some videos not only in Pakistan but also abroad. In response to a question, he said that my mother’s happiness is not based on memes made especially by showbiz personalities. She was and she is enjoying it a lot. He further said that people are enjoying this video in a tense atmosphere everywhere at the moment, so I feel good, so I will continue my efforts in the future as well.

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