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Prime Minister’s ten-point agenda


Thus the whole world is affected by the corona virus. The condition of the world’s largest economy like the United States is not hidden from anyone. President Donald Trump has allocated large sums of money to deal with the situation in Corona. Similarly, the situation in European countries is very worrying. If developed countries are facing difficulties, then it is not difficult to estimate the fate of developing and indebted countries. The situation in Corona caused the first major damage to the economy as business closed and all activities of life came to a standstill. The burden on hospitals has increased, it has become impossible for developed countries to protect their health care systems due to the large number of patients, so what will happen to poor countries? This is the situation that has caused all this. The ten points put forward by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the General Assembly to save developing countries from the effects of this corona virus are of great importance. The Prime Minister first spoke of suspending the loans of poor countries because it is not easy to repay the loans taken from these countries by the IMF and the World Bank due to this epidemic. These countries are facing severe difficulties. If the debt is suspended, it will be easier for developing countries to cope with the situation caused by the virus. Similarly, the Prime Minister said that rich countries which can easily afford it should cancel the debts of poor countries, if rich countries take such a step it would be a great victory. The only solution to deal with the virus so far is to impose a lockdown, which could severely affect the business world, resulting in a stock exchange. While the people of poor countries look to the government. If the government is in trouble due to debt repayment then how can it help its people in their worst situation so it has become necessary for the world to pay attention to this proposal put forward by Prime Minister Imran Khan and as soon as possible? Prime Minister Imran Khan has presented a comprehensive program in the form of ten points, which is aimed solely at saving the economies of poor or developing countries infected with the virus so that the people can benefit from it. Prime Minister Imran Khan ha also called for immediate action to stop the massive illicit financial outflows from developing countries to rich countries, to offshore tax havens. Mr. Khan also suggested immediate return of assets stolen by corrupt politicians and criminals back to these countries. Every point of agenda is important because it is mostly related to poor countries. In other words it can be said that ten points’ agenda of Pakistan’s prime minister is actually an agenda of poor of underdeveloped countries. In there is a survival of poor countries so progressive world should try to implement this agenda. Prime Minister Imran Khan has tried to awaken the progressive countries that during this pandemic it is necessary to develop an agenda which is helpful for the poor countries.

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