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Protection against breast cancer

Caesar’s aunt’s tragedy was that she could not get married and now a lump in her breast had shaken her. This lump was slowly growing and strengthening its roots in her body, which also caused her pain. The result was that the doctors operated on her left breast and removed it, but the roots of the tumor turned into cancer and she died within a year. This was not only the tragedy of Caesar’s aunt, but it It’s about the health of all women who are battling breast cancer.
Breast cancer is a disease whose symptoms, complications and treatment need to be informed not only to women but also to men. When I spoke to Dr. Rana Sohail, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Mayo Hospital, Whether it is breast cancer or any other type of cancer, it is likened to death. Like in the past, cancer is no longer incurable. According to modern research, if breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, it can be completely cured. It is also called women’s cancer because more than 90% of women have it. The cancer is more common in older women, but young girls between the ages of 21 and 27 are currently married or unmarried. It is found in both of them. Especially in childless women it is found more than women who have children.
Talking about the symptoms of breast cancer, Dr. Rana Sohail said that the most common symptoms of breast cancer are lumps in the breast, feeling of heaviness on one side or both sides of the breast or heaviness of the nipple. Inhalation and discharge of any kind of fluid from the nipple. In the case of breast cancer, if the lungs or liver are affected, there are signs of shortness of breath, watery stomach, back pain and severe fatigue. There are four types of cancer. The first and the second are usually cured with initial treatment and with caution. The third and fourth types are also cured with timely treatment but there are many complications even up to surgery. I was surprised that women have to lose their breasts due to hedges, but the doctor, looking at my facial expressions, said that this is where the work of a plastic and cosmetic surgeon begins. This is also one of the surgeries. It reminds me of Dr. Afzal Bajwa who has a modern skill in which organs are rebuilt. He is an Assistant Professor of Plastic and Cosmetics Surgery and is one of the few surgeons in the field who specializes in this field. When a breast cancer patient is told to have an operation and our first attempt is to find out how to save the patient’s breast and if the only purpose is to cut the breast then how to do recosctruction and silicone for them. Apart from which material to use, these are the things that are important to the general surgeon and plastic surgeon separately. He said that the biggest problem of a cancer patient is that she suffers from psychological problems. When cases come to us, we first handle them psychologically. We ask them to consult a psychologist so that they are mentally prepared for any expected situation. Plastic surgery is an expensive treatment but with the interest of the government. All the teaching hospitals have been provided with all kinds of facilities in this regard Mat Pakistan celebrates the month of October Kapura for Breast Cancer Awareness, which emphasizes the importance of prevention and treatment of the disease at the official level.
The President of Pakistan himself talks in detail about breast cancer awareness ceremonies and Qasr-e-Sadr is also lit up in pink lights.
Dr. Afzal Bajwa further said that in general culture, dress, food, fashion are not taken seriously but these things have to be taken seriously when the diseases of the East are moving towards the West and the diseases of the West are moving towards the East. And without proper treatment and full awareness, millions of people in poor countries have lost their lives.
Breast cancer can also be inherited because its germs are passed down from generation to generation and play a role where the human immune system is not weakened. In the year 2020, 25928 women in Pakistan registered with hospitals with breast cancer. According to other data, the rate of breast cancer in Pakistani women is 14.5% compared to other cancers and 1 out of every 9 women can get breast cancer which is very alarming. There is also a need to educate them on how to protect themselves from the disease.

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