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Provincial Education Minister Punjab Murad Ras inaugurated the item bank system developed by Punjab Examination Commission

Lahore (General Reporter) Provincial Education Minister Punjab Murad Ras inaugurated the item bank system developed by Punjab Examination Commission at Quaid Headquarters Link Wahdat Road. On this occasion, he said that a few years ago we ended the fifth and eighth class board exams for the betterment of students. The main reason behind the abolition of board exams was that teachers had students copy themselves in board exams to improve their performance. Murad Ras said that today we have introduced an online system through which the learning and understanding skills of the students will improve. We don’t want to teach our future generation through rota system. We want our children to learn with full understanding. The provincial minister said that from now on 50% MCQs and 50% comprehension papers will be prepared. Papers will be prepared automatically with the help of online system for students of 1st to 8th standard through item bank system. Murad Ras said that students can answer the MCQs only after they have read and prepared properly. Murad Ras announced that anyone from the private school sector can get free help from this item bank system developed by the government. If the system developed by us benefits students studying in the private sector, then nothing is better for us than that. We have to work for the betterment of our children.

Murad Ras said that under the item bank system, all the exams will be prepared according to our syllabus. The provincial minister also said that thanks to the developed item bank system, we will also get help in evaluating the performance of teachers from time to time. Did not try to fix.
Punjab Education Minister Murad Ras further said that today the retirement system of teachers in the Department of School Education Punjab has become completely online. So far more than 15 thousand teachers have received online retirement certificates. Murad Ras said that with the help of the AG office, a pilot project is being started from Lahore to pay the amount received by the teachers at the time of retirement into the online bank account, which will be extended to the whole of Punjab very soon. He said that the teachers had to pay bribes to the teachers as well as make many rounds of different offices to get the money they got at the time of retirement. Thanks to the effective and comprehensive use of technology, today the education department of Punjab is successfully running the transfer of teachers, ACRs, leave, pension pay order, retirement certificate and other matters under the online system. Since the system of education department of Punjab is online, the corruption of about 10 billion rupees has been eliminated annually. All the officers of the Department of School Education Punjab have done a great job in the last few years. Provincial Minister School Education Punjab Murad Ras also condoled the killing of senior journalist and analyst Arshad Sharif. He said that in our country, unfortunately, there is no gain from such horrific events. Arshad Sharif was a true and respected journalist, perhaps he was punished for that. May Allah forgive Arshad Sharif and grant patience to his family.

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