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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

PTI defeat in By elections raises so many questions?

on Friday, in Pakistan there was by elections in four constituencies. two in Punjab and two of KP. in all constituencies people took active part in the elections. turn out was also better. in Deska NA 75 two people died due to the firing of unknown people. Both the parties PTI and PMLN are blaming each other. whatever happened during in these by elections, it is harmful, sorrowful and sad. on the other side the results have also shocked the people, Particularly Noshera’s result where PTI defeated so badly, it is astonishing. on the other hand PTI also lost PP 51 seat with a big margin similarly News from NA 75 are also not positive. now the question is why PTI has to face these circumstances? Certainly, inflation, bad Governance and some other factors have played important role in the victory of PMLN. PTI leadership is apparently accepting the defeat but this defeat will affect PTI Government so badly. they also accept that they badly failed to rule. They remained fail to control Maffia’s in the country. Now they have very short time and there is a crowd of incapable peopel arround PM. Then how they will address causes of defeat.

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