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Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz’s visit to Bahawalpur marks the beginning of public service.

By Mudasser Qadeer

Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz Sharif visited Bahawalpur and met with Federal Ministers, Members National and Provincial Assembly, ticket holders and party office bearers at Circuit House .Public representatives congratulated Hamza Shahbaz on assuming the office of Chief Minister.CM while talking with the media representatives at the Circuit House vowed that we will vigorously work in the province with the spirit to serve the creatures of Allah Almighty. He disclosed that PMLN passed the Bahawalpur province resolution adding that implementation on this resolution will be ensured on attaining numbers majority.CM revealed that directive has been issued to restore Speedo Bus service in Bahawalpur. He deplored that sense of deprivation increased in South Punjab during the tenure of Imran Niazi and the previous government could not produce a single megawatt of electricity after the establishment of Quaid e Azam Solar Park.CM denounced that the previous government gave the false dream to give one crore jobs which shattered the dreams of the people. He denounced that foul language was used in Madina Munawara on a blessed night at the behest of Imran Niazi and the sanctity of Masjid -e- Nabwi was not taken into account. He stressed that Imran Niazi should account for Tosha Khana adding that the masses are yearning for bread and massive corruption was done in the previous government.CM emphasised that free treatment facility was provided to the patients during Shahbaz Sharif tenure.CM remarked that out of order dialysis machines will be made functional across the province and provision of clean drinking water will be ensured adding that RO plants will also be made functional. He categorically stated that the whole nation feels ashamed of Madina Munawara incident.Hamza Shahbaz maintained that he is thankful to his Quaid Nawaz Sharif and party who made this worker CM. He said that Imran Niazi deceived the people by making South Punjab Secretariat and such came into power by raising the slogan of South Punjab but failed to give any project to South Punjab. He censured that neither they made any hospital nor any road as well as electricity project adding that not a single tablet of panadol could be found in their tenure.CM stressed that the false claim of making New Pakistan miserably failed adding that the orders of the constitution and judiciary hold no importance for Imran Niazi and own pride is above everything.CM highlighted that neither we did politics of vengeance nor would so soadding that we support formation of Bahawalpur province. Earlier, CM while talking with the elected representatives said that practical solution should be found to resolve water problem of Bahawalpur and directed to formulate foolproof mechanism for the cleanliness of canals across the province. He maintained that we will not make a fake Secretariat and disclosed that a Central Convention will be organised during his next visit. He said that we want to bring betterment in the lives of masses and will provide quality of life to the urban and rural people. CM revealed that cleanliness system will be chalked out in the population area of three thousand and more. He resolved that feedback will be taken from the political workers for ensuring cleanliness of far flung areas.CM vowed that water filtration plants will be made functional for the provision of clean drinking water to the masses.CM directed to review the steps to restore Speedo Bus project in Bahawalpur. Those who met with the CM included Tariq Bashir Cheema,Riaz peerzada, Najeeb ud Din Awaisi,Kazim Pir Zada,Khalid waran, Shoaib Awaisi, Zaheer Iqbal Channar, Haseena Begum, Baligh ur Rehman, Iqbal Channar, Rana Tariq, Aqeel Anjum Hashmi, Parveen Masood Bhatti, Rao Sadaqat Ali Khan besides others.CM also surprise viited civil hospital too and
Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz visited Civil Hospital Bahawalpur today and suspended from service MS Civil Hospital for dereliction of duty and showing negligence.CM vowed that he will improve the condition of hospitals and will not sit in comfort till the common man is provided best treatment facilities.CM action is notable that how PMLN provincial govt work for the betterment of people’s in the province.

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