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Rosie Gabrielle married with a Pakistani Adeel Amir

Canadian  Rosie Gabriel married a Pakistani young man.

Rosie Gabriel, a well-known Canadian V Loger who rode a bike in Pakistan, fell in love with a young Pakistani man and the two have now tied the knot.

Rose Gabriel, a Canadian who toured Pakistan by bike in 2019, was impressed by the beauty of the tranquility and tranquility of the northern regions and introduced the whole world to Pakistani hospitality and delicious food.

“I never thought I would come to Pakistan and fall in love with someone,” Rosie Gabriel wrote, sharing the most beautiful moment of her life on a social networking site.
Announcing her marriage to Pakistani Adeel Amir, Rosie Gabriel added, “I have found my soul, my life partner and my best friend whom I have been searching for all my life.” Rosie Gabriel also shared a photo of her husband.

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