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Saba Qamar faces severe criticism for wearing inappropriate clothes

Karachi: Actress Saba Qamar faced severe criticism instead of good wishes for wearing inappropriate clothes on her birthday.

Saba Qamar, who shared an inappropriate photo on her Instagram account, could not escape criticism from social media users even on the occasion of her birthday. The main reason was their inappropriate dress which did not catch the eye of social media users.
Saba Qamar celebrated her 37th birthday on Monday, for which her friends arranged a party for her at a local hotel. The event was also attended by showbiz artists. Actress Saba Qamar was wearing an inappropriate blue dress on which social media users were incensed.
Sabi Ali said that it is a shame to wear such clothes in a country like Pakistan, it has to be said that money makes a person shameless.

Sohail Saleem satirized Saba Qamar’s broken marriage with Australian blogger Azeem Khan and said that the boy’s pride woke up for a few moments and the matter did not reach marriage.

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