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Second Day, Protest Continues in Bangladesh on Modi’s arrival

DHAKA: Five more people were killed and 12 others injured in the second day of protests that began on the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bangladesh.

According to the International News Agency, the nationwide protest that started on the arrival of the Indian Prime Minister in Bangladesh on Friday is still going on. On the second day also, five more protesters were killed by the alleged police firing. The death toll from police firing has risen to nine in two days.

The MS of Chittagong’s Brahmanbaria District Hospital told media that 17 people were brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds, three of whom were pronounced dead, two died at the hospital and 12 were injured. One is said to be in critical condition.
A journalist from Brahmanbaria said more than 3,000 security guards set fire to government offices and buildings in the district, but it was not clear if the killings were caused by police firing or something else.

Paramilitary forces have been deployed in various parts of the country since the protests began on Modi’s arrival. Hundreds have been detained. Protesters were chanting slogans against Modi over anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat.

It may be recalled that Modi arrived in Dhaka on Friday on a two-day visit to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Bangladesh’s independence and protests have been going on across the country since then.

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