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Shahbaz Sharif’s bail Issue, Tow Judges two decisions

The issue of Shahbaz Sharif’s bail has taken a new turn. Two judges two verdicts – separate verdicts signed by superior judges – one granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif
Justice Sarfraz Dogar, head of the bench, said in the judgment that the decision to grant bail to Shahbaz Sharif was taken in consultation with a fellow judge, while Justice Asjad Gharal, a member of the bench, wrote in his judgment that Shahbaz The decision to grant bail to Sharif was unilateral. Despite his refusal, the decision to grant bail was announced even though it has been proved that Shahbaz Sharif failed to disclose the details of assets in excess of his income to the NAB. Justice Asjad Gharal further wrote. He had immediately informed the Chief Justice of his decision. Now the Chief Justice will refer the matter to the Referee Judge by April 20.

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