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Shooting at Chinese New Year dance party in America; 10 people killed

California: 10 people were killed and many injured in a shooting in Monterey Park in the US state of California.

According to the World News Agency, the shooting incident took place in Monterey Park, where a ceremony was held to mark the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, which was attended by a large number of children and women.

The armed man entered the park and opened fire indiscriminately on the dance party injuring dozens of people. The accused escaped, in pursuit of which the police team was dispatched.
The rescue agency shifted the injured to a nearby hospital where ten people were confirmed dead while more than a dozen were injured. Among the dead and injured are women and children.

So far, the police have failed to arrest the killer, while the motive for the murder has not been determined. Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations were canceled after the shooting incident.

Note that the Chinese calendar begins on the day after December 21st when the second new moon rises and usually falls between January 21st and February 20th.

The people of China call this day as Spring Festival and the Chinese living all over the world celebrate this day. New dishes, costumes, music, dance and meeting relatives are the highlights of this day.

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