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Snowy Ferrari car buzzing on social media

Snowy Ferrari car buzzing on social media
In Lithuania, a country north of Europe, a couple enjoying the snow made a perfect replica of the famous Ferrari.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the continuous snowfall in the Lithuanian county of Benevolences has created beautiful scenery everywhere.

Making sculptures out of ice is common, but the hard work the couple has put into building the Ferrari is commendable. The most interesting thing about this is that the volume of the car is equal to the actual volume of the Ferrari.
The snow-covered Ferrari has been painted eco-friendly red, doubling its beauty and at first glance it looks like a real car. The couple loves Ferrari but can’t afford it. Keep

The couple went viral on social media, writing that no one can now say that their Ferrari is not parked outside our house, on which social media users praised the couple’s skills.

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