Suicide attack and shooting outside the Turkish parliament


ANKARA: A suspected suicide bomber blew himself up with explosives near the parliament in the Turkish capital, after which the area echoed with gunfire.

According to the World News Agency, it was confirmed at the official level that the loud explosion near the Parliament was a suicide attack, a few hours before the start of the session in the Parliament today. The reports are being received on which the security forces officials say that the investigation is on and it would be premature to say anything.

Meanwhile, an official of the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that two terrorists tried to enter the building of the Ministry of Interior, one of which blew himself up and the other was also killed.

Local media claimed that two police officers were injured while trying to stop the attackers from entering the parliament, however, there has been no official confirmation of any casualties or injuries in the blast.

Ambulances could be seen coming and going at the scene while an emergency was also declared at nearby hospitals.

Eyewitnesses said that after the loud explosion, the area echoed with the sound of gunshots, suggesting that there was a shootout after the suicide attack, which may have been between the accomplices of the alleged suicide bomber and the police.

No extremist organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but most of the separatist Kurdish groups have been involved in such attacks in Turkey, against which the Turkish army is also conducting operations in Syria.


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