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Friday, February 26, 2021

Surgance of coronavirus in country


The world is in the grip of coronavirus once again. Somewhere there is complete lock down as we see that UK Prime minister had locked down the country for a month. Similarly Italy has announced curfew in the country. Italy is one of those countries which saw horrible deaths during the first wave of tinny virus. Coronavirus is also on rise in US, Brazil, UAE and some other countries of the world. It already had jolted world’s economy and social life pattern so badly. World has no remedy yet.  People can only adopt SOP’s explained by WHO and the Governments. In Sri Lanka and India situation is also out of control. The number of virus affectees and deaths are rising day by day in Pakistan too. This escalated condition require to take immediate steps. PM had made it clear that it’s impossible for us to go towards lock down so people should follow SOP’s.  Despite of this situation is becoming grave due to rise in cases. On the other hand different conspiracies are also moving in the society. Some people believe that there is nothing while some people say virus is there but not as much as dangerous as government is declaring.  Some people also think that we should follow all SOP’s. We should avoid gatherings. So there are different thoughts moving in society.  But we should realize ground realities. The whole world is facing lock down situation. If Pakistan has to lock down its cities once again, it will become difficult to solve the raising issues like daily wagers, private office holders and people running business. All these facts are thought provoking and force all of us to follow SOP’s prescribed by the Government. This is only one conclusion of all arguments. People should realize the situation instead of taking it unserious. It is a fact that cases are on increase. This is why NCOC decides to close cinemas, theaters and marriage halls immediately. Government is also thinking to shut down educational institutions and markets too. It means situation is going to be out of control. Federal and provincial governments are taking immediate steps to save people from this mysterious virus.  Along with the governments, it is also the responsibility of opposition parties to play active role. Because it is not only the issue of Government but also the opposition. There is a need to adopt suitable policy otherwise situation can become grave. Already deaths on daily basis have increased. Everyone should fulfil his responsibilities as a nation. A second wave of the virus and its accompanying containment measures pose a complex set of challenges for policymakers. These challenges gain further salience in a context currently marked by rapid food inflation. Contemporary vulnerability has multiple dimensions, livelihoods are already under pressure and incomes remain squeezed. The government needs to ask itself two important questions in the coming weeks: firstly, did the first set of vulnerability-addressing responses achieve their intended goal? Secondly, will they prove to be sufficient this time around?

This piece does not propose an answer to either of these questions. However, it attempts to provide a framework through which they may be answered.

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