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Ayesha Umar got angry with woman who called Mahira Khan an old woman on fire

KARACHI: Actress Ayesha Umar Mahira Khan got angry at a woman who was mocking her for being too old and shouted at her. Actress Mahira...

Is Katrina Kaif going To get marriage?

I MUMBAI: Bollywood's' Barbie doll 'Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Koshal have been rumored to be having an affair, but this time the actress' statement...

Mesha Shafi got angry at management for hosting Ali Zafar

Singer Mesha Shafi has expressed anger over the management of the award show for hosting the award ceremony with singer and actor Ali Zafar. Two...

Celebs congratulate Mahira Khan as she completes 10 years in showbiz

Islamabad (Online): Mahira Khan is a Pakistani sensation best known for portraying the role of Khirad Ashar Hussain in Momina Duraid’s Humsafar for which...

Will Smith opening up, releasing memoir ‘Will’ in November

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Will Smith is ready to open up about his life story. Penguin Press announced Sunday that Smith will release his memoir...

Worldwide internet breakdown was not hacking but the fault of one person

CALIFORNIA: Leading media outlets, including Amazon, were shut down in a major Internet breakdown around the world a few days ago, not because of...

Sajjal Ali and Atif Aslam ready to entertain the fans

Skardu: Leading actress Sajjal Ali and singer Atif Aslam are ready to entertain the fans. It is difficult for the fans to wait before the...

Iman Ali needs mental help, Mathira

Karachi: Actress, model and VJ Mathira has said that Iman Ali needs mental help. Iman Ali has been under fire for the past few days...

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