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TRIBUTES PAID FOR HER HARD WORK & DEDICATION LAHORE, January 15: A condolence meeting was organized by Young Nurses Association of Lahore General Hospital in memory...

Badge-like code sensor mounted on clothing

NEW YORK: Imagine that a small badge-like sensor mounted on your clothing could not only sense the surrounding air, but also warn you of...

When am I contagious if infected with omicron?

(AP) – When am I contagious if infected with omicron?It’s not yet clear, but some early data suggests people might become contagious sooner than...

Experts are divided over the new “Delta Cron” virus emerging from Cyprus

 Cyprus: We were just considering the latest type of virus in a person arriving in France from Cameroon when news of another Code 19...

The PRP treatment and reality of health card.

The other day Saqib's phone rang saying that he had asked you to ask a doctor about PRP treatment. You have not told me...

There is no emergency facility in any government hospital except Punjab Institute of Cardiology,Dr. Salman Kazmi

Lahore( )Dr. Salman Kazmi, General Secretary, Young Doctors Association of Pakistan, has said that there is no emergency facility in any government hospital except...

China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases

BEIJING (AFP) - More than one million people in a city in central China were being confined to their homes on Tuesday after three...

How will pandemic end? Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame

(AP) - Pandemics do eventually end, even if omicron is complicating the question of when this one will. But it won’t be like flipping...

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