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Israel committing ‘crime of apartheid’ against Palestinians: HRW

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Human Rights Watch said Tuesday that Israel is committing the crime of "apartheid" by seeking to maintain Jewish "domination" over Palestinians...

I have given no such statement, Boris Johnson UK PM

Piles of corpses will not lock down, Boris Johnson denies his statement LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's prime minister has denied a newspaper statement that Boris...

Leading actor arrested for insulting queen in Malaysia

Leading actor arrested for insulting queen in Malaysia Police have arrested an actor named Fahmi Raza on charges of writing insulting words about the Malaysian...

Japan, US and France agree on joint war exercises

Tokyo: Japan will host joint military exercises with the United States and France for the first time next month. According to the foreign news agency,...

The Oscars: five memorable moments

HOLLYWOOD (AFP) - The Oscars is Hollywood’s most glamorous night, and the gala has generated some remarkable moments in its more than 90-year history...

Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan urge Taliban to commit to Afghan peace talks

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - The foreign ministers of Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan called on the Afghan Taliban on Friday to reaffirm its commitment to achieving...

Coronoavirus: Sympathy with India become top trend

Karachi: In view of the deteriorating situation of Corona epidemic in India, Pakistan's Twitter trends include 'India Needs Oxygen', 'India Livemeter' and 'Praying Farandia'. India...

Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine border

Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine border MOSCOW: Russia's defense minister says Russia has ended large-scale military exercises near the Ukrainian border and instructed all troops...

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