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thankful to those who consider me to sing PSL 6 song. Naseebo Lal

Singer Naseebo Lal, who sang the official song of the sixth edition of Pakistan Super League, does not even remember the name of PSL.

In an interview,  Naseebo Lal became emotional remembering the experience of the song recorded for the sixth edition of PSL, she began to cry and said, “I thank God that Allah Almighty has blessed me a lot, but to sing this official song is great honour.
Naseebo Lal said that no one has given her song till date. This is the first time that I have sung a song and it was also given to me because it had loud voices, otherwise I may not get this song. It seems that I do not have any difficulty in raise my voice, so he happily gave me this song. she said that thankfully people considered me worthy that they lost this song from me and I sang it only for Pakistan. I’m glad people love this song today,

During the interview, Naseebo Lal tried to speak PSL several times but She did not even remember the name of PSL.

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