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The closing ceremony of Job Fair 2022 was held atUniversity of Education Township Campus

LAHORE (General Reporter) Under the auspices of Directorate of Students Counseling Center of University of Education, Lahore, the closing ceremony of Job Fair 2022 was held at Township Campus, presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (Star of Distinction). Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (Star of Distinction) said that organizing job fair is a good step of the university to provide the best start in practical life to the students.

Dozens of students have got decent employment opportunities from this event, for which we are grateful to the companies that come here. The Vice-Chancellor thanked the companies setting up the stalls and the representatives of other participating government institutions. At the end of the ceremony, the vice chancellor distributed shields and certificates to the representatives of all the companies and institutions including the director of students counseling center Dr. Ahsan Bashir, director of student affairs Dr. Muhammad Umar Salim, director of the division of education Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Khan and others.

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