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The determination of Dr. Ashiq Hussain to achieve higher education for students

My Words My Talk….Mudassar Qadeer


Director of Public Instruction Punjab, Dr. Ashiq Hussain is the owner of Qalandranana personality, any questioner can come to his office anytime during office hours with his problem, he does not face any kind of hindrance there and Dr. He listens to his problem and solves it, and according to the wish of the questioner, he is also provided with the required anchor. I have met him some time ago and I found him friendly and kind. Some time ago I filed a news regarding appointment of permanent principals in government colleges of Punjab which was later filed by another friend. In the news, the number I mentioned was less while in the other news the number of appointment of permanent principals was higher. made me meet him and I introduced myself to Dr. Ashiq Hussain and told him the purpose of my visit He said, sir, now this number will increase because in a few days more principals will retire after completing their tenure, while the higher education department is aware of this and a board has also been formed for the appointment of permanent principals, which will be done soon. In this regard, after completing the interview, he will appoint the qualified candidates. After this meeting, I started meeting with him regularly. have qualities which I consider necessary for public awareness It was through these talks that I came to know that Higher Education in Punjab is planning to start a third shift in colleges for students who are not financially able and who are not allowed to study in government colleges due to lack of seats. Those who are deprived should be admitted so that they can continue their education while the Department of Higher Education, Punjab Skills Development Authority and National Vocational and Technical Training Commission are going to contract with training institutes for such students across the province. Those students who are not able to pay fees in private colleges will be admitted to selected colleges across Punjab and will be given a stipend of Rs. Among them, computer courses, pharmacy B category courses, food courses and e-commerce courses are worth mentioning. Being initiated into the light so that someone Students should not be unable to continue their studies due to non-payment of fees. Recently, Punjab University has established the first organization for Women in Sciences Pakistan, which will act as a technical institution to not only bring together all such women but also a platform for technical meetings and collaboration. In a special ceremony organized in this regard, Vice Chancellor Punjab University Prof. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Dean Faculty of Life Sciences Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Qazi inaugurated the organizational office in the Center of Excellence in Solid State Physics. The President Punjab University Head of MMG Department Prof. Dr. Anjum Naseem Sabri, Vice President Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir from GC University, Secretary Prof. Dr. Saira Riaz from Punjab University, Joint Secretary Prof. Dr. Shamaila Shahzadi from UET and Lahore College for Women University. Treasurer Professor Dr. Zahra Kayani attended. In his speech, Dr. Javed Iqbal Qazi said that Pakistani women are playing a very important and effective role in the development and transfer of knowledge in various fields of science, therefore it is the need of the hour to bring together all the Pakistani women of science on one platform. The number of government universities in Pakistan is 141 and the number of private universities is 96. In the recent budget, a budget of 104 billion rupees has been kept for universities across the country, in which 4 billion 41 billion rupees have been allocated for development and 60 billion rupees for other purposes. Pakistan is currently lagging far behind in the race of higher and quality educational institutions. To reduce this gap, government educational institutions need to provide more resources.

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