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The Mental Health Addiction Center is treating all kinds of drug addicts with a spirit of human compassion and service,Dr. Mohsin Shaukat

Lahore (Mudassir Qadeer) Executive Director Punjab Institute of Mental Health Dr. Mohsin Shaukat has said that the Institute of Mental Health was established in 1900 with reference to the treatment of mental and psychiatric illnesses. Filled with patient care, the institution has grown in importance over time and is now a teaching hospital 122 years later. Emergency of Punjab Institute of Mental Health is based on 10 cells where people suffering from homeopathic (killing people), sleeping sickling (suicide) and psychiatric illnesses are treated. Aggression is more prevalent among homeopathic patients. And often such patients are tied up and brought to the emergency services so that the people around them are not disturbed, while OCD is treated not in an emergency but outdoors, he said. Neurotransmitters are disturbed by fluctuations in chemicals that can be controlled by medication to control the disease, he told Omega News. It has nothing to do with human behavior. The Mental Health Addiction Center is treating all kinds of drug addicts with a spirit of human compassion and service, and more than 1,000 patients in our outdoor area on a daily basis. Refer to various cities of the province for treatment In this regard, all the facilities are being provided free of cost and uninterrupted on the orders specified by the Punjab Government for which I am thankful to former Secretary Health Dr. Ahmed Javed Qazi and current Secretary Health Ali Jan for making the work of the institution functional. Provided all kinds of help and assistance in keeping and that is why today this institution has become the only teaching position of Punjab on psychological problems and their solutions with which all THQs and DHQs will be linked. The charter of the teaching hospital was received only a few months ago after which the Punjab Institute of Mental Health has become a unit based on mental and psychiatric treatment. The in-charge of this unit is Prof. Ali Madih Naqvi who is stationed at King Edward University. In addition to this, 2 Assistant Professors and 3 Senior Registrars have been posted with them. In reply to a question, Dr. Mohsin Shaukat said that a new data collection center is being started in the institute for which work is being done nowadays. This is a very important project going on. Let us be paperless as it is functional At the same time, the data of the patient who will be registered in any city or tehsil regarding his mental illness will reach us and through the opinion of the medical experts using the tool of telemedicine on his illness. Dr. Mohsin Shaukat informed Omega News about his appointment and said that he graduated from King Edward Medical College in 1987 and his first assignment was at Mayo Hospital followed by Mental Hospital in 1996. I have been posted as a Medical Officer and I have been posted here ever since. The journey from a Medical Officer to an Executive Director spans more than 25 years but I have a passion for serving humanity in my heart under which I am performing my duties. Open to all patients, he also pledged to increase the number of hospital emergency sales from 10 to 50 in future projects, start a department of child psychiatry and forensic psychiatry, and establish a new auditorium. And becoming a passenger cabin will further enhance the reputation of this great company.

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