The Wall Street Journal reveals the secret behind India’s aggressive defense policy


The American magazine Wall Street Journal has revealed the secret of India’s violent defense policy and said that India has spread its espionage network widely in Western countries and has also increased the number of local agents.

According to the report of the American journal, the Modi government has given full permission to the Indian secret agency ‘RAW’ to carry out operations like murder in any country.

According to the report of the Wall Street Journal, as soon as the Modi government came to power, India’s defense policy took a violent turn. In 2014, the Indian National Security Advisor openly threatened other countries and said that now we will strike there From where the crimes are being committed. According to the Wall Street Journal, India began to spread killings around the world as a response to its fabricated accusations. Making baseless accusations of terrorism on neighboring countries is the old practice of the Indian agency RAW. While the Modi regime has seen an increase in false propaganda against neighboring countries.

The report of the American journal said that after the revelations of the Canadian Prime Minister, India’s aggressive defense policy has come to the world. .


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