Today, World Alzheimer’s Day is being celebrated across the world including Pakistan


Karachi: World Alzheimer’s Day is being celebrated on September 21 across the world including Pakistan.

A one-day awareness seminar was organized under the auspices of Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation regarding World Alzheimer’s Day.

Well-known neurologists Prof. Iqbal Afridi, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Wasee, Prof. Dr. Ijaz Wahra, Dr. Shahid Mustafa, Prof. Dr. Abdul Malik and Dr. Wajid Jawad, speaking on the occasion of this day, said that memory weakness (Alzheimers) should be increased in Pakistan. Although it is a mental and life-shortening disease, he said that about 5 lakh people in the country are suffering from this disease but majority of people are unaware of this disease. Its early symptoms include memory loss, memory loss and forgetfulness of daily activities. As the disease progresses, the patient begins to forget eating, dressing and leaving home, including his children and close relatives.

His condition becomes like that of a small child, who does not know anything. In such a situation, patients need to be taken care of a lot.

He added that no cause of dementia has yet been identified. Generally, after the age of 60, some neurons in the brain begin to die, which affects the parts of the brain that are related to memory and social function. As a result, a person cannot calculate and think and starts forgetting things.

Psychiatrists said that no known cause of Alzheimer’s has been discovered yet, but vitamin B12 deficiency, high blood pressure, diabetes, lack of sleep and lack of healthy activities can cause this disease. .

He said that 10% of people over 60 years of age in Pakistan have this disease. This disease grows very fast, so early diagnosis is very important. Although this disease cannot be eradicated, its complications and speed can be reduced after diagnosis.

He said that there is a need to create awareness among the public in this regard, if such symptoms are found in the elders of the house, then it should not be ignored as old age but should be referred to a doctor, its treatment in Pakistan and All medicines are available.

He said that people who adopt a healthy lifestyle including more thinking, more use of brain and exercise have negligible chances of suffering from this disease. At present our daily affairs are not compatible with healthy activities due to which diseases are increasing day by day.


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