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Twitter has officially shut down third-party clients and apps

California: Twitter hinted at it a week ago and has now officially announced the shutdown of ‘third-party apps’ and software connected to the app. This includes all apps and software that connect to Twitter.

These include tweetbots that connect to Twitter and do their work. Similarly, Twitter API-type programs will also become inactive under the new decree. This was reported by popular technology websites, including The Verge and EndGadget. On Thursday, Twitter in its official statement defined ‘Twitter Applications’ as meaning consumer products, services, Applications, websites and other alternative services are also included.
Earlier on January 12, Twitter has already disabled Tweetbot and Twitterific and they continue to affect Twitter. Then in another announcement on January 17, the API rules have also been indicated to change.

However, third-party software and app makers have responded by saying that Twitter’s announcement is unfounded and that their apps have been in the works for years. He said that for the last 16 years we have been following API amendments and laws and will continue to do so.

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