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video does not mention money or giving tickets, Election commission

Haider Gilani Video Matter: The video does not mention money or giving tickets, Election Commission
ISLAMABAD: Election Commission member Altaf Qureshi has remarked that Ali Haider Gilani’s video does not mention money or giving tickets.

A four-member bench headed by Punjab Member Altaf Ibrahim Qureshi heard the case of disqualification of Yousuf Raza Gilani and withholding of notification in the Election Commission. PTI also presented an audio tape of Sindh Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah.

PTI lawyer Ali Zafar took the position that there was a vote in the National Assembly for the Senate seat from Islamabad. In the House, the PTI and its allies had 180 votes while the opposition had 160 votes. If the elections were transparent, Hafeez Sheikh would have a big margin. People were also given money and greed for tickets in the next elections. Yousuf Raza Gilani continued to bribe PTI MNAs. The Prime Minister asked the Election Commission to intervene when the information came.

On which Sindh member Nisar Durrani asked when the Election Commission was asked to intervene. Ali Zafar said that the Prime Minister had told the Election Commission through the media.
PTI lawyer said that on March 2, a video of Ali Haider Gilani came out in the media, in which he was telling how to lose if he did not vote. In fact, a sting operation was carried out against Ali Haider Gilani. MNAs are talking to Captain (R) Jamil and Fahim. The Commission itself had taken notice of the video, the Election Commission had issued a press release to take notice.

Member Punjab Altaf Qureshi said that we do not want emotions to run under the law, give the names of the 16 people we are talking about to the commission, make the people concerned with the material a party, we have to take action while sitting, we want Yes, there is action, but for that you have to give material, in the video there is no mention of money or giving tickets, in the video it seems that the issue was to get the marked ballot paper, if you get the marked ballot paper, then someone has their right to vote.

How to use? It is often said that members are booked, it is not good to say such a word, both the bribe taker and the bribe giver are sinners, those who were offered money should take the affidavit, the affidavits of the PTI members in the video are affidavits. Even if they had gone, something would have happened.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa member Irshad Qaiser remarked that he wanted action but the evidence should be solid. Sindh member Nisar Durrani asked if the video can be recognized without forensics. On which Ali Zafar said that the Election Commission can use immense powers to stop corrupt practices, the Election Commission used the same powers in NA-75 Daska, Ali Haider Gilani did not call the video wrong, he said in a press conference. Acknowledged The video was accepted. Now the commission should investigate.

The Election Commission has rejected the petition of newly elected Senator Yousuf Raza Gilani of PPP and directed to file a fresh petition.

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